We deliver award-winning keynotes, presentations, breakouts, workshops and coaching that promote positive culture change, employee engagement, productivity, success, and happiness at work, all grounded in solid scientific data. 

Our work is 100% evidence-based.

We are constantly collecting the most important scientific research from psychology, sociology, neuroscience and management studies and use them as the foundation for all our work. We have also conducted hundreds of company culture tours and interviews ourselves to help uncover the recipe to the happiest and best performing cultures.

This does not mean that our coaching, keynotes and workshops are dry and boring – far from it. We present our message in a highly engaging and entertaining way – but it does give our clients the certainty that we will never present claims that we can’t back up with proof. It also gives our sessions more credibility with groups who might otherwise be skeptical.

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Speaking & Keynotes

Our keynotes are highly entertaining and serious at the same time. They contain practical and relevant information that engage and energize participants and let them experience the message – not just hear it.

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Our workshops contains a mix of theory and in-depth practical group exercises that give participants tools to build stronger company cultures and create a happier workplace. We make sure to keep the group’s energy up the whole day.

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These sessions gives leaders the knowledge and tools they need to create a happy and robust workplace culture.  And it doesn’t take much. But it does take consistency and longterm  momentum to sustain. Coaching will bring new ideas, useful resources and a sounding board to assist companies in navigating the road to culture change.